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What Chance is There That ImmD Will Grant a Visa to a Foreign National Who Previously Overstayed in Hong Kong by Five-And-A-Half Years?

March 1st, 2021

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Overstayed in Hong Kong for a very long time previously…?


Great question this, not so much because the answer is mostly quite obvious, but because it gives me a chance to have a discussion about overstaying generally.


I was looking for a male helper and found a suitable one for our family.

However, he overstayed in Hong Kong and surrendered to the Immigration Department and has now gone back to his country. He overstayed for almost 5 and half years,

He has all the qualifications we are looking for.

My question is: will Hong Kong immigration let him come back if we apply domestic helper visa for him ?

Or we are just wasting our time by applying for a visa for him?

Thanks a lot.

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